Expertise – In providing our consulting services, we can draw on many years of experience in the various segments of the real estate market, spanning all regions of Switzerland and a wide diversity of market players.

Methodology – The identification of quantitative and qualitative factors, the careful analysis and interpretation of background data, and the process of implementing solutions demand time-tested methods, tactical skill and discipline. We attach high priority to transparent, comprehensible reporting and communication in written, verbal and graphic form.

Innovative spirit – Innovation – discovering interrelations, extrapolating knowledge and blazing new trails – is not solely the product of creative thinking and ingenuity. Just as important are a structured approach and the willingness to go the extra mile.

Network – A wide-ranging network of investors, marketers, banks, designers, architects, authorities and other real estate players provides direct access to proven experts and – if required – their involvement in specific projects.

Property – An assessment of the current occupancy, management and scheduled repair or maintenance works serves as the basis for an individual business plan for each property. Such an appraisal can go far beyond mere property valuation to include such things as the identification of options for long-term value maintenance.

Projects – We will provide you with advice and support in relation to project developments, either on an ad-hoc basis during specific phases or as an integral service spanning the entire development process. Key to successful project implementation at every stage – from inception and strategic planning through to concretization and realization of the scheme – are carefully prepared, reliable decision-making documents.

Research – Our project assessments are based on exhaustive background data from public- and private-sector sources as well as our own research and analyses. Hard statistics are supplemented and qualified by soft factors (image, sentiment, trustworthiness etc.).

Strategy – Regardless of the nature of the holdings – whether individual properties or portfolios, investment or operational properties – the tight market environment demands a coherent real estate strategy for the success of any venture. A comprehensive, impartial and forthright overview helps customers to recognize opportunities, limit risks and implement prompt, proactive measures.

Transaction  – The acquisition or sale of properties requires particular know-how about the organization and implementation of the transaction process. We facilitate contacts with national and international investors, banks, solicitors, tax experts and other specialists, and provide support on even the most complex issues and elaborate transaction structures (sale and leaseback, mergers, spin-offs etc.).